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Coffs Harbour High School - Learning Difficulties, ADHD, Neurodiverse

A small school makes a big difference. We provide flexible educational opportunities and value the connection between student well-being and learning outcomes.
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Limiting student numbers to 14 per class ensures everyone receives the support needed to achieve their individual goals. In smaller classes young people are often more relaxed and more willing to ask for assistance. Smaller classes allow for flexible, realistic and relevant modifications to be made to the learning program, and to break down barriers students may have experienced in the past.
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Our unique learning environment prioritises personal growth, respectful relationships, instilling a sense of belonging and the knowledge you can speak and be heard without prejudice. We understand everyone has moments when they might need extra support and understanding; this could mean retreating to a quiet space to reset before returning to class or taking advantage of our open-door policy and having a chat with the Principal, Student Support Officer or the School Psychologist. We are proactive in working with students and their families to find the optimum path for individual success and improve their school life.
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At Allegra you won’t hear a school bell, there are no uniforms, assemblies, swimming or athletics carnival. This is an engaging, learning environment free from distraction where students are treated like young adults. We provide a culture where students feel empowered to undertake their education in a safe, supportive space with focus on respect and clear communication. Students are made aware that their education is their responsibility and we are here to facilitate the change they would like to see.


We are all colours of the rainbow at Allegra School and are proud of our diverse student body. Students and staff come from a wide range of lifestyle, socio-economic, racial and learning backgrounds but the one thing we have in common is respect. Respect for self and respect for others. This value is a non-negotiable foundation stone of our school. We all learn together acknowledging as individuals we have different capabilities and learning styles.
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Our small classes and high teacher to student ratio have been huge drawcards in attracting high calibre and passionate teaching and learning support staff.

As building respectful relationships between staff and students is an integral part of our holistic approach to education, our team is dedicated to making real connections with students and inspiring them to work towards realising their full potential.

Students, teachers and support staff are all on a first name basis which is another step we’ve taken in removing typical hierarchical structures in place at other schools.