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Coffs Harbour Alternative High School - enrolment

Allegra is recognised as a Special Assistance School, which means our enrolment policy identifies the characteristics of the disability or social, emotional and/or behavioural needs of the students eligible to enrol in the school. 
To begin the enrolment process simply click on the button below to download an application. The completed form can be returned to us via email, by mail or in person.

To book an enrolment interview and school tour, please call 02 6651 6898 or email
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As a part of the selection process all students attend an interview. Parents/carers are welcome to join the interview however it is important we hear from the potential student to discover their motivations for wanting to attend the school. This is also our first opportunity to learn more about what will help and inspire learning.
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So you can prepare for the interview, we will ask questions around the following topics:

  • Previous schooling and why you would like to attend our School
  • Any barriers you may have to learning and strategies you have found effective in managing your learning
  • Any health concerns
  • Support networks and peer networks

Students who participate in their interview with openness and a willingness to embrace change have the best chance of gaining a position within the school.

Share why they chose Allegra
“I am gay/trans and was being bullied at my previous school - I’m also on the spectrum and was getting a bit lost. I needed a change for Year 10 and some friends told me about Allegra School. It’s a really accepting environment, you can be yourself and the teachers see you as a person not a number. I was doing ok at my old school but coming here re-sparked my interest in study.”
“I have always been home-schooled. I chose Allegra for Years 9 and 10 because it was a smaller school with a flexible learning environment. I settled in and made friends quickly – everyone is new in Year 9. The timetable is great, the day finishes earlier than other schools. I’ve surprised myself and achieved a solid B average. I love Math now, my Year 9 teacher made it really fun."
“I was the kid who got suspended a few times early in high school and then the label just stuck. I came to Allegra in Year 9 for a fresh start – you’re not hit with the same stuff from before, so I wasn’t that student who had been suspended anymore. I made new friends easily and the teachers were great.  You can speak freely with the teachers; they listen to your opinions and we call them by their first names. I also liked the timetable, it was better than my old school."
“I was doing Distance Education and didn’t like it. You have to login to your classroom and there was no face-to-face learning. I enrolled at Allegra for Year 10 because I was too young to start my apprenticeship and I wanted to be with other students. I liked it straight away. It’s a small school with not too many people. You get to know the teachers and they become mentors and friends."
"My son is now a confident and capable learner who will be able to transfer and adapt the skills you have given him from one context to another."
"At Allegra my daughter learned how to be resilient, she adored her teachers and thrived in the adult environment."
"We are delighted to have found a school where our son feels comfortable and it is reflected in both his marks and general approach to not only schooling, but life in general."