Coffs Harbour Year 9 + 10 High School Diverse

Coffs Harbour High School Rainbow Students

Our goal is to provide young people the opportunity to re-evaluate their situation and realise their potential in a supportive environment.
We are committed to promoting intellectual and social growth and development within the school community to facilitate the development of well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. Our vision is to forge strong, positive connections with students, their families and the community so our students can achieve independence, build confidence and gain academic knowledge.

We will provide flexible educational opportunities in an inclusive, safe and supportive setting free from prejudice so that all students have the opportunity to explore and to clarify their own beliefs and values, to take risks, and to think and speak for themselves. We are committed to being a child safe organisation, working to create the culture, adopt strategies and act to prevent harm to children.
We focus on the direct connection between student wellbeing and learning as the foundation for setting and achieving both academic and lifestyle goals.

At Allegra we prioritise respectful relationships, acceptance, open and clear communication and we see the collaboration between staff and students as integral to our unique learning environment.

We offer an inclusive and flexible learning environment tailored to young people seeking an alternative to mainstream high schools. The subjects are the same – it’s the delivery that is different.
We are not an easy alternative. We are an opportunity to reset, reinvent and refresh your academic and personal goals and provide a support network to assist you working towards those goals.

Our students are carefully selected, those willing to commit to bettering themselves while being supportive of others are more likely to be enrolled.

While Allegra has a range of support services to assist students with barriers to learning, we do not offer one-on-one behaviour intervention or high levels of behaviour modification.
Selection Criteria
Allegra School Coffs Harbour years 9 & 10
The selection criterion for student enrolment at Allegra School Coffs Harbour (NSW) focuses on:
Learning difficulties and disabilities.
Social, emotional, or behavioural difficulties or disabilities.
Language background other than English/Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status.
School Principal
As a passionate educator and advocate for young people, Erin fully embraces her unique position as Principal of a small, independent school. Challenging the expectation of what a school ‘should look like’, Erin has created a safe environment with strong learning platforms where individuals feel heard and supported, where the culture is enriching and stimulating and the approach is proactive and positive.
Allegra School Principal - Erin Caceda
Since the school’s inception in 2017 in Coffs Harbour NSW, our objectives have changed to reflect what the community needs – a school based on inclusivity, diversity and individuality. These three words are more than a school motto; they are my blueprint for continued growth.

I am committed to promoting intellectual and social growth and development within the school community to facilitate the development of well-rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential.

As an educator and a mother, it is so rewarding to see students who were struggling at enrolment go on to graduate with new skills, confidence in themselves and their abilities and being optimistic and excited about what the future might hold.

By providing flexible educational opportunities in a prejudice-free setting, we give students that platform to explore and clarify their beliefs and values.

I am backed by an amazing team of highly skilled and specialised staff. The compassion, empathy and genuine concern staff have for the well-being of the students helps to create a positive school culture which embraces the value of education and community collaboration.
Stuart Hughes Allegra School Deputy Principal
Deputy Principal
Over the past decade, Stuart has gained extensive leadership experience in the independent education sector including being Head of Teaching and Learning at Moama Anglican Grammar, Co-ordinator of English at Thomas Hassall Anglican College and Head of House (Year Level Advisor) at Macarthur Anglican School, marking H.S.C, being the supervisor of a marking centre for English and participation in an examination committee that writes H.S.C.
I am committed to ensuring the structures are in place at Allegra to provide a safe environment in order to support our students from a well-being and academic perspective.

As Deputy, I have the opportunity to oversee the teaching staff and during the past year have been excited by the professionalism and commitment of staff in continuing to offer lessons based on the Deep Learning Framework. Having done a Masters of Education Studies Majoring in Pedagogy (how to teach), I am passionate about providing all students opportunities to access excellent teaching practices in the classroom.

Part of my role is to connect with the well-being team to make sure students feel safe and supported. By working with the students and the well-being team, it ensures students’ well-being is being addressed and they feel able to participate in classroom opportunities.

Working with the teaching staff, learning support officers, the well-being team and the students is a rewarding opportunity and enables the school to enrich our young people’s lives.
Co-ordinator of Student Welfare
It is not unusual to see former students visiting Allegra eager to share their latest news with Danielle. As Co-ordinator of Student Welfare, Danielle’s role is a key factor in ensuring our goal of balancing well-being and academics is maintained. This holistic approach to daily school life is central to the way we communicate and deliver education and the reason such meaningful connections are made.
Danielle Coleman Allegra School
There is so much more to a successful school experience than getting an A, B or C. Many of the improvements student experience cannot be measured this way.

Building self-worth and confidence, overcoming challenges and adversities, finding your voice when you’ve felt safer with silence or pushing through your comfort zone and participating in a group activity where once you wouldn’t dare – these are huge steps in a young person’s personal development.

The connection between well-being and personal success/growth cannot be overestimated, especially when it comes to performance, attitude and academic achievement. They are intrinsically linked.

As Co-ordinator of Student Welfare, I have the honour and privilege to work with and support our diverse student body and their families. Some students I support are a ‘little lost’ while others are facing/experiencing significant hardships and adversities. I make myself available throughout the day to assist all students with problem solving, mediation, suggest coping strategies, networking, liaising and referring to other services in the area or just being there to listen and sometime pass the tissues. I work alongside our School Psychologist, to ensure our students receive the support they would like, and the guidance to achieve their individual needs and goals.
Paul Fellows – Psychologist
Dany Alarab – Leader of Culture & Compliance
Kelly Green – Leader of Student Support & Strategy
Olivia Doyle - Teacher
Dea Beadle – Teacher
Benn Wolhuter – Teacher
Aaron Wall – Teacher
Sooz Myhill – Teacher
Kylie Walters – Teacher
Joanna Hughes – Teacher
Nicole Browning - Teacher
Sue James – Learning Support Officer
Fernando Caceda – Learning Support Officer
Reggie Frost - Learning Support Officer
Jo Conway - Learning Support Officer
Amber Van Dartel - Learning Support Officer
Stephanie Pannell - Learning Support Officer
Kaelan Chetty - Learning Support Officer
Wendy Ifrach – Administration
Grace Donohue – Administration