Allegra School - Experiencing diversity at work

Experiencing diversity at work

At Allegra School Coffs Harbour we understand a little extra support, flexible learning opportunities in small classes and an environment free from prejudice can make a significant impact to a student's confidence, wellbeing and overall school experience.Allegra is a safe learning space for students who find studying and socialising in mainstream schools challenging. We welcome young people struggling with anxiety, depression or trauma, with neurodiversity (on the spectrum) or learning difficulties, who have experienced bullying or who identify as part of the rainbow community.

We believe a small school, makes a big difference. Allegra offers small classes in an adult learning environment. We prioritise personal growth, respectful relationships and instilling a sense of belonging. Allegra offers an inclusive and flexible learning environment tailored to support students in Years 9 & 10. The subjects are the same, it's the delivery that is different. Our goal is to provide young people with the opportunity to realise their potential on both academic and personal levels.

We are not an easy alternative. We are an opportunity to reset, reinvent and refresh your academic and personal goals and provide a support network to assist you working towards those goals. Our students are carefully selected, those willing to commit to bettering themselves while being supportive of others are more likely to be enrolled.While Allegra has a range of support services to assist students with barriers to learning, we do not offer one-on-one behaviour intervention or high levels of behaviour modification.

As an independent school we are a member of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW and our aim is to offer all eligible young people the chance to grow and mature while undertaking their high school education in a safe and supportive environment. At Allegra we seek to include those young people whose lives may be complicated, challenging or require a particular understanding in order to achieve success.
Experiencing diversity at work
October 30, 2023
Experiencing diversity at work

Year 9 & 10 students recently participated in a one-week block of work experience. The Coffs Coast business community were generous in their support enabling our students to participate across a range of industries including trades, food/hospitality, fashion, real estate, hairdressing, tourism, retail, education, automotive, creative arts, childcare, animal welfare and sport.

Below are samples of some of the wonderful words we received from host employers about Allegra students spending time in the work force.

Fabulous feedback:

"Elijah showed great initiative and carried a great attitude," - Hansons Caravans.

"James was the best kid ever to do work experience with us, he took instruction effortlessly and worked with six other people who all enjoyed working with him," - Hearthfire.

"Lily had a great rapport with our students and she always looked for ways to be helpful. Lily has a strong work ethic and was consistently seeking out possibilities to add as much value as she could to all aspects of our daily routine." - Bay School of Creative Arts

"Sara displayed a strong work ethic, exceptional attention to detail and a genuine passion for the beauty industry. She quickly adapted to the salon environment, showed great initiative and consistently maintained a positive and professional attitude," - Hidden Image Hairdressing.

"Throughout the week Mia saw huge improvements with customer service and engaging with participants. We are happy to offer her a voluntary position if she is interested," - Coffs PCYC

"Will was a pleasure. It took us a few days to find the role that he liked most and was good at but when he did, he excelled. His smile and nature are perfect for customer facing roles and we will most certainly be offering him a job in the near future," - Bellingen IGA

"Jay did an excellent job building his knowledge so after a few days he could complete the opening routine without instruction. It was a pleasure to have him with us." - BCC Cinemas

"It was lovely having Shayna here, she showed up every day with a smile on her face and ready to learn. She learned about the importance of infection control and observed many procedures from examinations to cleans and surgical extractions," - The Dental Centre.

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